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mr.chen yun ching

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Mr.Chen Yun Ching

Mr.Chen Yun Ching is our General Manager here at Ching Yuan Company. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and has been in the Engineering &Construction Industry for more than 40 years. Mr.Ching is an entrepreneur at heart. He is always problem solving and figuring out ways to make our daily operation run smoother for our customers. Unlike most General Managers, Mr.Ching is approachable and enjoys communicating with our team and customers.

Mr.Chen Yun Ching is a person of integrity who knows the Engineering & Construction industry inside and out. He is a person who believes that each staff and customer deserves their highest priority. He is the bond that keeps our teams together and is the guidance for the smooth functioning of all business operations.

Why Us?

Ching Yuan Engineering &Construction Co.Ltd has been operating in Libya since 1982 and has completed numerous works related with buildings, army camps, gymnasium, substation, large steel store, maintenance of oil tank, cement plants, chemical plants, oil and gas sectors and so forth. The company has its annual contract of providing maintenance services with our esteemed libyan government accomplice “Ahlia Cement Company”. The cement plants are situated in Lebda, Zliten, Margab, Suk El Khamis and Beerganam. This collaboration has been gone on for a considerable length of time and is based on common regard and respect. Besides providing maintenance service, the Company takes part in turnkey projects as a main contractor or on joint venture agreement.

Ching Yuan Company has 250 employees including technical consultants, engineers, technical experts, technicians having remarkable experience. By its cultivated workforce and adaptation of most recent technology, the company is in ability to maintain cement or any industrial sector with maximum productivity.

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